Who’s Who?: Structure & Roles of a Web Development Team

If you want to create your own web development team, you need to consider your project requirements and hire specialists, depending on your needs. This model is a form of outsourcing that basically implies delegating the whole development process to an outsourced team. The team exclusively works on your project and usually signs contracts on a long-term basis. The model offers a wide range of unique skills, additional expertise, certain flexibility, and a great, streamlined resource allocation approach, allowing you to reach project goals much cheaper and faster. Apart from the specialists mentioned above, you may also require a graphic and motion designer in your web development team.

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Closing the Gender Gap in Tech.

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Then, they have to be tactful in delivering those reports to web developers. While web developers are willing to overlook minor bugs to complete their tasks on time, QA engineers provide objective feedback on the quality of the tasks and keep everyone focused on project requirements. A data architect gathers business requirements, designs a logical model, and builds the physical database. They engineer the infrastructure that stores and supports the housed data. Some regular tasks include verifying the consistency of data, maintaining appropriate access rights, and optimizeng access to data. Overall, they ensure the stability and availability of the data infrastructure.

Have a good reporting structure

They’re the ones who ensure the websites your team builds are visible on the search engine pages when anyone comes looking. Based on the gathered data, designers can shape experiences that deliver what consumers want and need using wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. In addition, they build web structures and compliance features, write programs (codes), and test those programs to ensure no bugs. They meet with clients to understand the kind of websites they want, analyze them, turn them into specifications, and present these ideas to the web developers in a structured format.

web development team roles

That’s why many stakeholders pay great attention to design and marketing. Respectively, your web development team should fit the project’s objectives and consist of specialists with diverse skills and knowledge. The rise of personal computing and increased innovation on different devices enabled the fast transition of business-driven applications to the end-users machine.

Content manager

The QA Engineer is also responsible for creating project documentation, cases, testing plans, and running test scripts. This allows them to act as a safety valve and prevent any issues or bugs from surfacing after product release. According to some of the most recent customer service stats, 89% of customers leave a company for their competitor because of poor customer experience. Therefore, it is essential to hire professional and experienced UI/UX Designers who are very good at understanding user needs. Additionally, the Project Manager is also responsible for being in touch with the client to dispel any doubts or queries.

Communication is key to ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and without any misunderstandings. Before you start building your team, think about your project’s time, complexity, and budget. As mentioned earlier, the team structure for a previous development project may not work effectively for a new project with different goals. Your team’s structure should perfectly match the purpose of the project. First, the UI/UX designer analyzes the project requirements along with the project’s target audience to see the full picture. This approach allows them to identify difficulties faced by users and effectively address them through design.

Proactive Approach

This approach can also save you time and money, as it would be unnecessary to remake poorly developed functionality and will make the project’s structure look clearer from the start. Without DevOps engineers, it won’t be possible for the whole web development team to find a consensus development team roles and responsibilities in any process. Such specialists often appear to be a bridge between all departments facilitating effective collaboration and simplifying access to each other’s project-related insights. After the development has started, developers send each version of the product to QA engineers.

  • The team size is also a critical factor that influences the success of web development projects.
  • Not to mention that recruiters often pay attention to soft skills and whether the candidate is a good match for the existing company or startup work culture or not.
  • Web development teams also need server-side development which is referred to as back-end development.
  • Given these stressors, parents may feel additional strain and concern when it comes to trying to meet their pet’s needs.
  • Alternatively, you’ll want to work with a web development agency with an established team structure.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at website development is a strategic step.

However, don’t forget that the experts working on the tasks are people like you. This means that success lies in proper communication with the team members. To do that, a product manager not only has to be adept in technical knowledge but also understands the business side of the website.

Business Analyst

A well-delivered web project is always going to help the overall business strategy of the company. This role is designed to be a proxy between the client, design, and development. He translates the requests (requirements) made by the client into clear specifications on how a certain functionality should behave. Functional analysts will also test these functionalities once the team has delivered them. Have you ever wondered about the various roles on a web development team, and what every person’s role entails? Why a java developer and a JavaScript developer are not interchangeable?

More often than not, the design team presents several UI versions for the client to select from. Of course, this stage also implies several rounds of amendments until the design is finalized. In other words, the front end is the part where users see and interact on the website.

Availability of data and materials

Web development can be split into front-end and back-end work, usually carried out by separate specialists of the web development team. While they may be competent in both front-end and back-end coding, if a project is large, it is considered good practice to split the workload so that each developer works on the part they’re best at. A Project Manager fulfills the role of the coordinator and communicator who plans, organizes, and monitors the work of the entire web development team. This person is at the wheel, monitoring the project’s progress at every step of the product development life cycle.

web development team roles

The team leader is indispensable in a web development company that ensures the team is ready to tackle the demand and deliver the development product within the timeline. He or she is also aware of the skills and expertise of each member of the team. A project manager is like an anchor of the web development team that takes accountability for planning, organizing, executing, and monitoring the entire web development process. A project manager’s primary responsibility is to mitigate the project’s risks and deliver the project on time. He/she starts all the processing after choosing the right technology stack for web development. Members of the web development team have various skills and knowledge.

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On the other hand, front-end is a term that includes everything you see on the screen while working with an application. Front-end developers are the specialists that work on the client-side of web apps using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and numerous libraries and frameworks intended to simplify the project development process. To create the application, front-end developers follow the specifications and prototype/wireframe developed during the previous stages of the project. The team of developers is responsible for the project’s back-end and front-end parts. Long story short, the back-end is the part of the app responsible for interaction with a server.

web development team roles


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